Your New Headshots

Your headshots are one of your most important tools for your artistic journey. It sets the tone for you to be seen and recognized. It should help you stand out from others and draw in visual interest. Most importantly your headshots should reflect who you are and your essence as an artist.

Jeremy strives to produce high quality images that captures your own personality, attract attention and help advance your career. He will create an environment that is comfortable, inspiring and will put you at ease. With all this said… let’s get you booked!

Hair & Makeup / Grooming

Your face comes first in this line of business so let’s put it out there in all of its glory!

  • Getting a good night’s rest before your session will certainly help not only with appearance but also with your overall performance, resulting in more expressive and impactful headshots!

  • Your headshot should be a close replica to what you look like in-person. No one should ever have to second guess your picture.

  • Makeup should be fresh, light and natural-looking, while highlighting your best features. The “No Makeup” makeup look works well for many.

  • Hair should be clean and styled to your day-to-day look. Once again your hair should match your submitted headshot. If you plan to change it the near future or can pull off multiple styles then a separate headshot for each look would be beneficial.

We work with some great hair and makeup professionals that can assist you on looking your best for your headshot session. They understand camera makeup and lighting so you can focus on what you came to do… be amazing in front of the camera!

Women: $150 for the first 2 looks. Each additional look: $25.

Men: $100 for first 2 looks. Each additional look: $15

Note: Additional looks are payable in-person at the end of the session.

Hair and makeup is done in the studio space or local salon right before we shoot, and there’s no additional fees for that prep time when booking your makeup artist with us. Makeup for children is generally not required but can help when it comes to managing hair or touch-ups.


The clothing you wear is an integral part of the headshot. Its main objective is to accentuate and enhance your existing features without distracting too much from your face. Your wardrobe could also act as a supplement to the characters you want to portray, whether it be in full costume or the subtle use of minor accessories.

  • You provide all of your own wardrobe. The items can be old, new or borrowed. You’d be surprised of what you already have in your closet that can be pulled for your session.

  • Stay away from distracting patterns, large graphics / logos and all whites. Although white tops are ok if something contrasting is layered over it. In general keep wardrobe solid colors and simple to say the least.

  • Jewel and some earth tones usually translate great on camera and work well against most skin tones.

  • Choose colors that compliment and/or contrast your skin tone or eye color.

  • Not only does layering over tops (i.e: jean jacket over tank, etc.) create more dynamic images, it also gives you another look to work with.

  • Do your best to keep garments clean and wrinkle-free as you head into your session.